Young skin for long

Beautiful and healthy skin is one of the best gifts we can prepare for ourselves when we are young and enjoy when we grow older. What can we do now to delay ageing process? 

If you look into the mirror and cannot see any signs of skin aging, you do not care that time is passing. You take care of our skin occasionally – when summer is coming and you want to put on bikini. There is no wonder. When we are twenty, we probably do not think about what we will look like in twenty years. If we however happen to consider this, it is advisable to think what we can do to retain radiant and vital skin.

Moisturize, do not dry

Proper moisturizing is the basis for healthy skin. Proper – what does it mean? We can buy balsams, creams, milks and rub them everyday. But is it enough? To have a temporary and superficial effect – it is enough, but our goal is different. We need to work from the inside, the best idea is to drink water – about two liters per day.

Lack of proper hydration makes even young skin weak, badly-toned and dry. If we want to avoid this, drinking is not enough. Avoiding dry skin is avoiding: extensive sunbathing, particularly in solariums, but also in normal conditions; smoking cigarettes, too frequent visits to sauna, heating, air conditioning, having baths in chlorinated water and alcohol-rich cosmetics.


Vitamin E

Since we now know that we need to protect our skin from the inside, we have to pay attention to what we eat. As a rule a healthy skin also means healthy hair and nails. Vitamin E is the best choice, it is often called “ youth vitamin” – mainly because it has strong anti-oxidizing properties and fights against free radicals which destroy our body’s cells. Its shortage results in fatigue, hair loss, poor skin condition, anemia, susceptibility to infections, bad teeth condition, even nervous system damage. If it is a long-term process, it may also lead to miscarriage and infertility.

Therefore we should look for vitamin E in food not only to take care of our skin but also to prevent the aforementioned consequences. The vitamin can be primarily found in plant oils, especially in wheat sprout oil or sunflower oil. It is also included in nuts, wholegrain corn, garlic, eggs, and green leaf vegetables – spinach, cabbage, lettuce.

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