Perfect smile code

Below you can find rules everyone who wants to have a beautiful and healthy smile must know. Theoretically we know most of them but we don’t always follow. Thus, for all those who happen to forget about their teeth, we have summarized the most important care principles: If you can, brush your teeth every time 

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Young skin for long

Beautiful and healthy skin is one of the best gifts we can prepare for ourselves when we are young and enjoy when we grow older. What can we do now to delay ageing process?  If you look into the mirror and cannot see any signs of skin aging, you do not care that time is 

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How to prevent wrinkles?

Can you see first signs of wrinkles on your face and wonder how to prevent them from growing? We will tell you what to do to make your skin look young and radiant for a long time.  With time our skin grows old. Sometimes even 20-year-old women see first wrinkles. What to do to prevent 

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